We’ve reached our boiling point

Thousands of people swarmed the Fontaine de Tourny in front of the Quebec parliament today to create a giant human thermometer to show that we’ve reached our boiling point and so has the planet. It’s time to act on climate.

But that was only part of the enormous crowd in Quebec City this afternoon. Police estimated it at over 25,000, making it the largest protest in Quebec City in fifteen years, and one of the largest climate marches in Canadian history.

It was a message that Canada’s premiers will have a hard time forgetting when they meet this week in Quebec to talk climate. The time is now, the temperature is rising and we must act!

This crazy project could never have become a reality without the many who marched, wore red, brought signs, banners, noisemakers, a Trojan horse, belugas, dragons made of pipelines and many others.

Thank you. Thank you to the artists, ecologists, scientists, students, First nations and people of all ages fighting for the future of our planet!

*And yes, all the cardboard was collected and will be recycled. ;)

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